The Nappy Shed


Welcome to the Nappy Shed 

The First Real Nappy Shop in Oxfordshire 

 Nappy shed box


 Cloth nappies have loads of advantages compared to disposables.

They are better for the environment, they will save you money 
and they are nicer for your baby to wear. 
Cloth nappies are soft and fluffy and come in lots of beautiful colours.
I can show you what types of nappies are available and help you
understand the pros and cons of all the different systems of cloth nappies. 
The easiest way to do this is to have a one-to-one or small group demo where
I can show you a range of cloth nappies and explain how they work and
then supply you with the nappies of your choice.
Customers within Oxfordshire can borrow the Oxfordshire Nappy Trial bucket 
or one of the Nappy Shed's trial buckets free of charge.