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Nappy Liners TotsBots paper

Nappy Liners TotsBots paper - £2.50

Roll of 100 small nappy liners

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TotsBots Peenut Absorbent Pad

TotsBots Peenut Absorbent Pad - £7.25

An extra 3-in-one pad to use with a Peenut wrap

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TotsBots Classic

TotsBots Classic - £9.00

A simple but adjustable highly absorbent nappy

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TosBots Peenut Wraps

TosBots Peenut Wraps - £10.00

Wraps to use with Peenut popper-in inserts or over a Bamboozle

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TotsBots PeeNut All-in-Two nappies - twin pack

TotsBots PeeNut All-in-Two nappies - twin pack - £22.00

Two pad sets (=4 absorbent pads) with a waterproof wrap

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TotsBots Peenut Minipack

TotsBots Peenut Minipack - £45.00

4 three-in-one absorbent pads and two wraps

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Tots Bots Bedtime Bundle

Tots Bots Bedtime Bundle - £75.00

Natural Bamboozle Stretch 4 pack with 2 wraps

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