Littlelamb Toddler Bedtime Bundle

Littlelamb Toddler Bedtime Bundle


Littlelamb Toddler Bedtime Bundle

This kit contains

  • 5 x Littlelamb (size 3) bamboo shaped nappies
  • 5 x LittleLamb trifold bamboo boosters
  • 2 x size 3 Littlelamb wraps 

Five big thirsty absorbent bamboo nappies with fluffy stay-dry washable liners, plus extra bamboo boosters that unfold to ease washing and speed drying, and two new improved stretchy waterproof wraps. The trifold boosters are as absorbent as boosters get.

Nappies to last all night at a bargain price and big enough for children over 35lb (15kg).  If you bought all these at the recommended retail price, they would cost you £80.

These can also be useful for younger babies who are going through a chubby phase before getting mobile.

All Littlelamb bamboo fabrics hold current Oeko-tex certification, which is as close to organic as bamboo rayon can get.

Made in Turkey by a UK company

Quantity:  at  £65.00  each