Washable sanitary towels - night-time or post-partum

Washable sanitary towels - night-time or post-partum


This pad is 11 inches long made with a cotton top.

With two layers of Zorb which is an absorbent fabric designed to absorb more moisture quicker than bamboo, cotton or hemp. It can hold 3 times as much Microfibre Terry. It is a non-allergenic and non-toxic made from a proprietary blend of natural and man made fibres. It also has a hidden layer of waterproof PUL for added protection.

All backed with a patterned non-slip polar fleece backing.

Our pads have kam snaps on their wings, designed to snap around underwear to keep them in place. They can also be folded and snapped into place after use.


These pads can be great help for new mums who are feeling a bit sore "down below" as they are softer that the disposable sort.

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