LittleLamb Sized Pocket Nappies - reduced price

LittleLamb Sized Pocket Nappies - reduced price


LittleLamb Sized Pocket Nappies - reduced price

LittleLamb sized nappies are really neat and tidy nappies with gussets at the legs to give a great leakproof fit. The insert is a single square of woven bamboo fabric that you fold in three before stuffing in the pocket - it's really very absorbent and not too bad for drying time because it unfolds.  The bamboo insert is made of a woven brushed bamboo rayon material (i.e. it looks more like felt than towelling) which means it doesn't go crunchy when washed repeatedly in hard water.  This makes the nappy very absorbent and it is possibly the most absorbent pocket nappy available.

They come in three different sizes but most babies will only need the first two sizes.  Size 1 fits from 7-20lb (3-9kg) and size 2 fits from 20-35lbs (9-16kg). The size 2 nappy is a better fit on a chubby baby that many one-size nappies are.  Size 3 is a really generous nappy that would be great for a toddler who is bigger than average or slow to potty train for any reason. If you have a big baby who has outgrown other main brands such as Bumgenius or Easyfit then try the large size of these. 

Like the LittleLambs wraps, these are quite long so are a particularly good choice for tall babies. 

They come in various colours and white.  They fasten with 2 rows of white poppers but, since they are not adjustable in the length, they do not have any other poppers down the front - which makes them look rather smart. 


Made in Turkey by a UK company.    All Littlelamb bamboo fabrics hold current Oeko-tex certification, which is as close to organic as bamboo rayon can get. 

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