Motherease Rikki Wrap

Motherease Rikki Wrap


Motherease Rikki Wrap


Motherease wraps are very highly regarded for their long life and effectiveness. The fabric is thicker and perhaps less "breathable" than most other wraps but this  makes them more durable and reliable.  The new patterned covers are lighter, softer and more flexible than the old patterns and plain coloured ones.

The Rikki wrap has gussets at the legs for a brilliant fit. They are fastened with big chunky velcro strips and come in a nice range of colours and patterns.  (There are no laundry tabs so do up the tabs and turn the wrap inside out for washing.)  They are ideal for use with any nappy including prefolds.

They are made in 5 sizes but you will probably only need 3: small, medium and large.  XSmall is good for skinny newborns and the XLarge is good for chunky babies, or bigger kids who still need nappies at night, or are slow to potty train for any reason

XSmall - 2.75-5.5kg / 5-12lb
Small - 2.75-5.5kg / 6-12lb
Medium - 4.5-9kg / 10-20lb
Large - 9-16kg / 20-35lb
XLarge - 16-20kg / 35-45lb 

There has been a bit of an international Motherease wrap shortage going on recently but I will be getting more colours and sizes in stock soon I hope - as soon as they are available again in this country.

Made in Canada using Green energy

Due to our distributor agreement, we cannot ship Motherease products to customers outside the UK

Out of stock.