Special offer - Pack of 5 Size 1 Littlelamb Bamboo Nappies

Special offer - Pack of 5 Size 1 Littlelamb Bamboo Nappies


Special offer -  Pack of 5 Size 1 Littlelamb Bamboo Nappies

Littlelamb bamboo nappies are beautifullly soft and extremely absorbent. They are also very reasonably priced. The Littlelamb bamboo is the best selling Littlelamb nappy. Bamboo is extremely absorbent but it has a tendency to shrink when woven into nappies so Littlelamb bamboo nappies now have their bamboo knitted into a fine microfibre fabric, so they shouldn't shrink!  They must be worn with a waterproof wrap on top.

Each nappy comes with a double layer bamboo booster to increase absorbency further. This is removable in the size 1 nappy so the nappy can be made slimmer for a small baby. The Littlelamb bamboo is perfect as a night time nappy when used with an additional booster.  They fasten with Velcro tabs making them easy to use and the tabs can cross over at the waist so the nappy can be made a tighter fit for a smaller baby.  

Littlelamb bamboo is incredibly absorbent but it also an extremely SLOW drying nappy so a lot of people keep them for night-time use and have a quicker drying but less absorbent all-in-one or pocket style nappy for daytime use. Remember to fold the laundry tabs over to secure them before the nappy goes into the bucket or washing machine. This prevents the Velcro picking up fluff in the washing machine and makes it longer lasting - and also stops the nappies all joining together in the wash. 

Littlelamb bamboo nappies come in three sizes but the vast majority of children will only need the first 2 sizes.

Size 1 fits from 7 to 18lbs

Size 2  from 18-35lbs

Size 3 from 35lbs 

All Littlelamb bamboo fabrics hold current Oeko-tex certification, which is as close to organic as bamboo rayon can get.

Made in Turkey by a UK company


:  at  £30.00  each