12 MuslinZ Bamboo and Cotton Terry Squares

12 MuslinZ Bamboo and Cotton Terry Squares


12 MuslinZ Bamboo and Cotton Terry Squares

A pack of 12 gorgeous thick, soft, creamy-coloured luxury 60 cm square nappies.

If you want nappies that are functional, absorbent and effective, yet fairly quick to dry, and you don't mind making a little bit of extra effort to learn how to fold them well, good old-fashioned terry squares are what you need.  The addition of bamboo to the usual cotton fabric makes them lovely and soft and even more absorbent, though it does make them slightly slower to dry.  Bamboo and cotton is not quite as indestructable as pure cotton so these should not be washed hotter than 60ºC, tumble dried on low, and not placed directly on radiators to dry. You don't have to use pins, and risk impaling a very wriggly baby, but can fasten them with a Nappi Nippa. 

Add one or two Nappi Nippas to your order for just £1 each (normally £2.50).

The only reason I can see for not considering traditional square nappies is if you are planning to send your baby to day-care, where staff might struggle with folding and fastening the nappy properly.

You can use any wrap you want to with a terry nappy, so there's no need to miss out on the pretty colours and patterns available.  See the "wraps" section.  These nappies are unbleached so they are a soft cream colour - definitely not white - but they will get whiter with every wash!

These nappies are so beautifully thick and fluffy they might be a bit huge on a very young baby but their extra absorbency makes them ideal for use on an older baby at night, or on a "heavy wetter" who out-wees other nappies.


Made in Pakistan

Flat Nappies and Fasteners:

:  at  £37.00  each