Superior Traditional Birth-to-Potty Kit

Superior Traditional Birth-to-Potty Kit


Superior Traditional Birth-to-Potty Kit

This kit contains everything you need for full time cloth nappying at a very reasonable price.

  • 18 White Bots 100% cotton 60cm square terry nappies
  • 6 MuslinZ super absorbent bamboo+cotton 60cm square terry nappies
  • 5 LittleLamb waterproof PUL wraps (state size and colour preference)
  • Either 3 Nappi Nippas or 4 nappy pins (state preference)
  • 5 bamboo boosters for extra absorbency when needed
  • 24 stay-dry soft fleece liners
  • 6 really useful pretty muslin squares
  • 1 x nappy bucket
  • 1 x mesh laundry bag
  • 1 x wet nappy bag
  • 1 x roll disposable nappy liners

The cotton terry nappies are great for daytime use while the bamboo+cotton terry nappies have extra absorbency for night-time use.  There are also 5 bamboo boosters if your baby still needs more absorbency.  

The muslin squares can be used as an extra layer on a heavy wetter - and they useful for all sorts of things like putting over your shoulder to catch possets, mopping up little squirts and spills and wiping noses and faces.

The Little Lamb PUL wraps come in 10 cheerful colours and are waterproof but breathable and have gussets on the legs for a neat and tidy fit - see the "wraps" section for details.

Also included are 20 soft fleecey nappy liners which, placed inside the folded nappy, will keep your baby's bottom dry and make solid waste easier to deal with - these can be used in place of disposable liners and are especially useful for catching the runny poo of breast fed babies


Quantity:  at  £180.00  each