TotsBots Peenut Birth-to-Potty Kit

TotsBots Peenut Birth-to-Potty Kit


TotsBots Peenut Birth-to-Potty Kit

Easy to use waterproof wrap and pad cloth nappy system - the absorbent pads popper into the waterproof wrap. Ideal for daytime use, slim-fit, soft and fast drying. These nappies will fit from a few weeks right through to potty training, 8-35lbs. 

Kit contains: 8 x one size PeeNut Wraps, 16 x 3-in-1 PeeNut pads, plus accessories. 

  • The 3-in-1 PeeNut pad is made up of two pads (light and medium) that can be used separately or popped together, for flexible absorbency and fit
  • 16 PeeNut pads will give you 32 newborn pads.
  • Light for newborns during the day and medium at night.
  • Medium during day once baby needs it.
  • Pop both light and medium pads back together for maximum absorbency once baby is doing power wees.
  • Time to change? Pop in a new pad and re-use the wrap
  • Pads are made from gorgeously soft bamboo with a touch of microfibre for fast drying.
  • Accessories included:
    • Bucket with Lockable lid
    • Bucket mesh for laundry x 2
    • Roll of paper liners (100)
    • Washable out and about bag
    • Packet of Potion wash powder
    • 20 Fleece Nappy Liners

*Colours and prints may vary

peenut inside

Quantity:  at  £190.00  each