Littlelamb Bamboo Nappy Kit

Littlelamb Bamboo Nappy Kit


Littlelamb Bamboo Nappy Kit

Little Lamb Bamboo Nappy Kit 

LittleLamb bamboo nappies are bomb-proof but very reasonably priced.  These nappies are very absorbent with great containment and also very hard-wearing.  Their only shortcoming is that they are slow to dry after washing.

Bought individually, all this would cost you well over £200 so it's a bargain at £175 - and delivered to your door for free if you live in or near Oxford

  • 20 bamboo nappies complete with boosters and washable fleecy liners
  • 6 wraps in plain colours of your choice
  • 100 paper liners on a roll
  • 1 lidded nappy pail
  • 2 mesh laundry bags
  • Wet nappy bag
  • Instructions and advice

You can have size 1 or size 2 nappies and wraps or a mix of the two.  

The size 1 nappies are a neat and tidy fit on a small baby but will fit up to about 9 months (9kg).  Size 2 is big enough to fit right up to potty training on all but the bonniest of babies and, with an extra booster, makes a good bedtime nappy.


Quantity:  at  £175.00  each