LittleLamb Cotton Nappy Kit

LittleLamb Cotton Nappy Kit


LittleLamb Cotton Nappy Kit

Little Lamb Cotton Nappy Kit 

Our cotton nappy kit is the same as our Little Lamb Bamboo Kit but with cotton nappies instead of bamboo. It is ideal for the foundation for your nappy stash.  Though perhaps not quite as absorbent as the bamboo nappies, these nappies are still very absorbent but maybe a bit quicker to dry.  They have the same great containment and are extremely hard-wearing.  Cotton nappies are inclined to go a bit hard and scratchy when washed in hard water - occasional tumble drying can help keep them soft.

Bought individually, all this would cost you well over £200 so it's a bargain at £165 - and delivered to your door for free if you live in or near Oxford

  • 20 cotton nappies complete with washable fleecy liners
  • 6 wraps in plain colours of your choice
  • 100 paper liners on a roll
  • 1 lidded nappy pail
  • 2 mesh laundry bags
  • Wet nappy bag
  • Instructions and advice

You can have size 1 or size 2 nappies and wraps or a mix of the two.  

The size 1 nappies are a neat and tidy fit on a small baby but will fit up to about 9 months (9kg).  Size 2 is big enough to fit right up to potty training on all but the bonniest of babies. 

Quantity:  at  £175.00  each