Littlelamb Cotton 2-Part Nappies

Littlelamb Cotton 2-Part Nappies


Littlelamb Cotton 2-Part Nappies

Famous for their durability, these are the same as the LittleLamb bamboo nappies but, being made of cotton, they are not quite as absorbent - but they are corrrespondingly slightly quicker to dry.

 Each nappy comes with a double layer cotton booster to increase absorbency.  This is removable in the size 1 nappy so the nappy can be made slimmer for a small baby but the booster is attached in the size 2 and 3. They fasten with velcro-type hook and loop tabs making them easy to use and the tabs can cross over at the waist so the nappy can be made a tighter fit for a smaller baby.  

Remember to fold the laundry tabs over to secure them before the nappy goes into the bucket or washing machine. This prevents the Velcro picking up fluff in the washing machine and makes it longer lasting - and also stops the nappies all joining together in the wash. 

Littlelamb cotton nappies come in three sizes but the vast majority of children will only need the first 2 sizes.  Chubby babies will need a bigger size than tall slim babies of the same weight.  A bigger size of nappy can be helpful to give extra absorbency and allow room for extra boosters for a heavy wetter or a baby who sleeps through the night.

Size 1 fits from 7 to 18lbs - a neat fit on a little baby and not bulky like a one-size nappy.

Size 2  from about 18 to 35lbs - big enough for plenty of bedtime boosters.

Size 3 from about 35lbs - for really chubby babies or toddlers who still wear nappies at night.

All Littlelamb cotton fabrics hold current Oeko-tex certification.  Contact me if you want organic cotton nappies.

Made in Turkey by a UK company


Quantity:  at  £7.50  each