Nappy Trial Kit - Oxfordshire - only £10 for 3 weeks hire.

Nappy Trial Kit - Oxfordshire - only £10 for 3 weeks hire.


Nappy Trial  Kit - Oxfordshire - only £10 for 3 weeks hire.
Oxfordshire residents can borrow a trial bucket of nappies for 3 weeks for just £10. 
I have 6 buckets of nappies, one of which was kindly sponsored by Oxford Waste Partnership.  The buckets contain nappies of a size to fit babies from about 9lb.   Each bucket contains about 15 nappies - some all-in-ones, some pockets and some two-part nappies with wraps.  There is also a mesh bag, flushable liners, an out-and-about waterproof wet nappy bag. 
Before I lend you a trial kit, I like to go through the nappies and explain how each one works and I also give you washing instructions to take away with you.  I can drop the bucket off with you if you live in or near Oxford and don't have a car, because it's a hard to manage a baby, a buggy and a bucket of nappies on the bus, but otherwise I would ask you to come and pick it up from my house in Marston.
Please Email me at [email protected] to book a nappy trial bucket - I will then contact you to let you know availability.  There is sometimes a waiting list.
A size 1 kit includes a mix of one-size-fits-most nappies and some size 1 nappies suitable for babies under about 9kg (or about 9 months).
A size 2 kit includes a mix of one-size-fits-most  nappies and some size 2 nappies suitable for babies over about 9kg

If you enjoy using the nappies, and decide to go ahead and get a set of birth-to-potty nappies of your own, don't forget to check out The Nappy Shop section of this website for great prices on LittleLambs, Baba+Boo and TotsBots nappies.  I sell all nappies at less than the manufacturer's recommended retail price and remember, if you live in Oxford, I'll deliver for free!



:  at  £10.00  each