Nappy trial kit - mini pack

Nappy trial kit - mini pack


Nappy trial kit - mini pack

If you want to try just a few nappies - or maybe you want to hire a nappy trial kit outside Oxfordshire, but don't want fork out £60 for the deposit, or are worried about the cost of return postage, you can hire a smaller quantity. This little kit contains:

1 TotsBots Easyfit Star all-in-one nappy

1 LittleLamb budget pocket nappy

1 Baba+Boo deluxe pocket nappy

1 TotsBots Peenut nappy

1 LittleLamb budget bamboo fitted nappy (size 1 or 2)

1 TotsBots Bamboozle bamboo fitted nappy

1 traditional terry square nappy (with instructions for folding)

1 LittleLamb waterproof wrap (to use with the fitted nappies or the terry square)

The cost to borrow this set of nappies is just £5 for a 3 week loan, plus a refundable £20 deposit for postal loans.  The cost to post these nappies back to me at the end of the trial will be about £3.


If you enjoy using the nappies, and decide to go ahead and get a set of birth-to-potty nappies of your own, don't forget to check out our great prices on LittleLambs, Baba+Boo and TotsBots nappies.  I sell all the nappies in this kit at less than the manufacturer's recommended retail price.

Nappy Trial:

Quantity:  at  £5.00  each