A really soft absorbent stretchy bamboo nappy that has poppers of the front to adjust the size.

Size 1 is designed to fit from even tiny newborns up to 18 lbs (about 2.5-8kg).  

Size 2 will last from about 9lb to 35lb (4-16kg) so, though it's called a size 2 nappy, it's really more of a one-size-fits-all nappy.

Slower to dry but more absorbent than the TotsBots Easyfit all-in-one nappy and most pocket nappies, these nappies make a good choice for night-time use, or any time when it is important that your nappy will last for hours without leaks.  You will need a waterproof wrap with these nappies.

Made in Scotland using Oeko-tex 100 certificated bamboo


Due to our distributor agreement, we cannot ship TotsBots products to customers outside the UK

Quantity:  at  £12.00  each