TotsBots Classic

TotsBots Classic


TotsBots Classic

No frills, no fuss, just a great nappy!

Simple, fluffy and absorbent, this knitted bamboo nappy is a great value, one size nappy. Made with knitted bamboo fabric, it’s a simple, no frills option for those who want a reliable nappy at a value price.

  • One size from birth to potty (8-35lbs)
  • Fastens just like a disposable for quick and easy changes
  • Made from knitted bamboo
  • Stays softer longer– great for hard water areas
  • Microfibre free

Note: You will need to use a waterproof wrap with this nappy.

Being made of bamboo rayon, this nappy is highly absorbent but very slow to dry.  Great as a nappy for night-time or whenever you need to be sure the nappy will last a long time with no leaks. Though theses nappies will fit on babies from 8 lb when adjusted to the smallest size, they are very bulky on a little baby and some parents prefer a smaller nappy (such as a littleLamb size 1) even if it means having to buy bigger nappies later.

Quantity:  at  £9.00  each