Littlelamb Day and Night Birth-to-Potty Kit

Littlelamb Day and Night Birth-to-Potty Kit


Littlelamb Day and Night Birth-to-Potty Kit

This kit contains:

20 x LittleLamb One-size Pocket nappies, in a choice of 10 cheerful colours, each with two absorbent bamboo rayon inserts.  These are absorbent and effective for daytime use, and reasonably quick to dry after washing.

20 x extra bamboo rayon inserts, so you can put 3 inserts in your pocket nappies when your baby is older and you need extra absorbency.  These inserts can also be used to boost night-time nappies if needed.  

5 x LittleLamb bamboo fitted nappies.  These are very effective and absorbent but slow to dry after washing.  Great for night-time and occasions when you want a nappy that is absolutely reliable.  These come in a choice of sizes:  size 1 fits up to about 18lb and size 2 fits about 18-35lb.  A few very chubby babies may need to move on to size 3 for bedtime.  

2 x LittleLamb wraps to wear over the bamboo fitted nappies and sized to match.

1 x 14l nappy bucket

1 x washing mesh to go in the bucket

1 x wet nappy bag (to put a wet or dry nappy in when you're out and about)

1 x roll of 100 disposable paper nappy liners 


All Littlelamb bamboo fabrics hold current Oeko-tex certification, which is as close to organic as bamboo rayon can get.

Made in Turkey by a UK company

If you have any particular colour preference for your pocket nappies, let me know.   Otherwise I will send 2 of each colour.


Quantity:  at  £240.00  each