Oval dryer for nappy inserts

Oval dryer for nappy inserts


Oval dryer for nappy inserts

Similar to what Ikea call a Socktopus (what a great name!) this dryer has a really brilliant big clip (instead of just a hook like you get on most sock dryers) that you can use to hang it from the washing line, curtain rails, window frames, shelves or whatever.  You can hang all your inserts, boosters and fleece liners on this and then hang it from a curtain rail - if you open the window a bit and there's a radiator underneath, everything will dry in a trice.  Or you can hang it out on the washing line - the clip will stop it from blowing away and, if it starts to rain, you can quickly bring all those little things indoors together.  You can use it to hang nappies outside in the sun, even if you don't have a garden, to get rid of yellow stains. (It's magic)

And you can use it to dry socks too!  Holds 20 inserts/socks/knickers.

Colour: blue




:  at  £5.00  each