Muslinz wraps

Muslinz wraps


Muslinz wraps

Wraps that fasten with snaps (more comfy round your baby's tummy when starting to sit up) that have gussets on the legs for a neat fit and great containment.  These wraps are ideal for use with any two-part nappy (e.g. Bambinex or LittleLamb bamboo nappies or TotsBots Bamboozles), or with prefolds or terry squares.  There's a flap inside at the front and back to help hold prefolds in place.

They come in 2 sizes:

Size 1 - newborn (about 7lb) to about 6 months

Size 2 - the rise adjusts with snaps on the front so should fit from about 6 months right through to potty training.

Available in plain white, or 6 designs: seashore, woodland, grey and green stars, blue stars, pink stars, or green and yellow stars.


Designs 2020


Made in Pakistan by a UK company


:  at  £7.50  each