Bambinex bamboo nappies

Bambinex bamboo nappies


Bambinex bamboo nappies

These nappies are a lot like the very popular TotsBots Bamboozles except that they contain no microfibre, which should make them even more absorbent but less bulky than Bamboozles.  They are made of three layers of bamboo rayon (woven on to a polyester backing to make the fabric stretchy and resistant to shrinking) and have a snap-in booster to use if extra absorbency is required. They will take a very similar amount of time to dry after washing as all bamboo nappies.

These nappies come in two sizes, both of which have snaps on the front to further adjust the size. 

  • Size 1 fits from about 3.5-10kg (8-20lb)
  • Size 2 fits from 10-20kg (20-45lb)

Size 1 should fit a full-term baby from birth (when on the smaller rise setting) right up to 9-12 months (on the full-length setting) and size 2 should fit most babies right through their second year to potty training.  These nappies are slightly slimmer fitting and taller than Bamboozles - so should be good for taller babies - and they are narrower in the crotch so less bulky.

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:  at  £12.00  each