Disposable nappy liners - Bambinex

Disposable nappy liners - Bambinex


Disposable nappy liners - Bambinex

Bambinex liners are a very popular paper disposable liner. They are a thicker than many liners which makes especially suitable for younger babies.  They stay flat better than the thinner flimsier sorts.

These liners are quite long but narrower than many brands and so they fit neatly between the two innner rows of elastics in a Baba+Boo nappy.  They are fine to use with any sort of cloth nappy.

Sold in rolls of 100 liners each.

These liners are made of paper so will eventually breakdown but at a much slower rate than toilet paper.  We recommend you do not flush them (as they are likely to block the drains) but bin them or you can compost liners that are just wet.  Some people rinse out liners that have just been weed on and use them twice to save money and the planet!

Whilst they are compostable, councils do not permit these to be put in either the garden waste or food waste bins so, if you want to compost them, you have to have your own compost bin.  I don't think this would be a good plan unless you have a really big garden or your compost bin has a lid to keep flies out.  And I fear they would take a very long time to break down in a domestic compost heap!

:  at  £5.50  each