Baba+Boo One-size Pocket Nappies - new Senses patterns

Baba+Boo One-size Pocket Nappies - new Senses patterns


Baba+Boo One-size Pocket Nappies - new Senses patterns

The new subtle Senses collection from Baba+Boo.  The same excellent design but better quality than ever and a new price to match! 

These are the most popular nappies in The Nappy Shed's nappy trial kits.  They are beautiful quality one-size pocket nappies with two super absorbent bamboo+microfibre inserts that slide into the pocket between the waterproof PUL outside and the polyester fleece stay-dry lining.  The size adjusts with snaps (poppers) on the front.  They boast special extra rows of elastic inside to act as a poo catcher.


 Note: if you choose to use disposable nappy liners, lay them between the rows of elastics - otherwise they can skilfully guide the poo over the elastics and out of the legholes.  TotsBots liners are the right size to fit neatly.

They come in plain colours or loads of gorgeous patterns.  Each nappy comes with two inserts made of bamboo rayon on the outside with a microfibre layer in between.

These nappies should fit your baby from about 9lb (4kg) right through to potty training.  If you can't wait until your baby is big enough for these nappies, there is a smaller newborn version (with same great prints and internal elastics) that fit up to 6 months or so.

I offer various package deals on these nappies - see the separate listings.

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Baba+Boo :

:  at  £16.50  each