Baba+Boo meets Bamboozles Day&Night Kit

Baba+Boo meets Bamboozles Day&Night Kit


Baba+Boo meets Bamboozles Day&Night Kit

In this kit you get:-

  • 15 Baba+Boo excellent pocket nappies in assorted designs from the Senses collection.
  • 5 super-absorbent TotsBots Bamboozles for night-time use, with washable fleece liners.
  • 2 Bambinex one-size wraps with double leg seams and velcro fastening
  • A nappy bucket, 2 mesh laundry bags, a roll of disposable nappy liners and a wet nappy bag.

Pocket nappies are the way to go (IMO) for daytime use - effective, easy to use and quick to dry after washing - and the Baba+Boo pocket nappies with their extra elastics inside give great containment. But they don't always give adequate absorbency when babies sleep longer at night. 

TotsBots Bamboozles are highly absorbent - two-part nappies have more fabric in them than pocket nappies so they absorb more wee.  An added fleece liner makes the nappy feel dry next to baby's skin.  A Bambinex wrap on top, with leg gussets for an excellent fit, makes for a bomb-proof leak-proof combination.  If your baby still out-wees this nappy, add a hemp booster in place of (or as well as) the booster that is supplied with the nappy.

These are "birth-to-potty" nappies designed to fit babies from 4 to 16 kg.  They should fit your baby from about 6 weeks right through to potty training.



:  at  £310.00  each