About me and the Nappy Shed

Rosie owner of the Nappy Shed  
I am Rosie, mother of 3 grown-up daughters and grandmother of one toddler, and I took over the running of the Nappy Shed in 2014, from Sally who set it all up more than seven years ago. 
My daughters all wore cloth nappies when they were babies - nearly all babies did at that time - but I was surprised when my daughter said she would be using cloth nappies on her baby. I thought everyone used disposables these days. 
Then she showed me how much cloth nappies have improved since I last used them, explained all about the environmental problems associated with the disposal of disposable nappies, and told me how much money she was going to save! 
This was something everyone should know about! 
And so I have gone on to take over The Nappy Shed to spread the word about the benefits of using washable reusable cloth nappies.
When my daughter was looking to buy nappies for  her child, she wanted to be able to touch and feel the nappies and see how they actually worked. 
She wanted to see what the difference was between the different brands and different systems. 
I offer demonstrations to people throughout Oxfordshire to enable you to do just that.
As I do not work for one particular company I am able to offer a completely impartial service.  I do, of course, have my favourites, but most people value the fact that I am able to give an opinion on the nappies that I offer - and some that I don't offer!  
As a biologist by training (and a bit of an eco-warrior) I am especially concerned about the environmental issues associated with nappy use. I therefore try to sell, as far as possible, products made by UK companies that have not travelled half way round the world and back again, or products made using green sources of energy.
I offer appointments during the day, in the evening or on Saturday afternoons.
Please contact me to arrange a free nappy demonstration.
Of course, if you already know what you want or have already had a nappy demonstration with me, then please visit my shop.
I stock a range of nappies and accessories from UK-based manufacturers, and all nappies cost less than the recommended retail price.
I also visit various Childrens Centres, NCT classes,  postnatal groups and NHS Parentcraft classes at the John Radcliffe hospital.
If you run a class and would like me to come along then please do get in touch.