Reusable Nappy Demonstrations Oxford

Oxford cloth nappy demonstration 
  • A nappy demonstration normally takes place in my own home in new Marston, about a mile from the city centre.
  • At the moment, due to Covid restrictions, I am only doing demonstrations to one family at a time, either with both parents or just one.  I prefer to give nappy demonstrations in the garden, weather permitting.
  • Demonstrations can be booked for afternoons or early evenings, so that working parents can also be involved in choosing nappies.
  • I will make sure that you get to touch and feel the nappies and understand the difference between a liner, an insert and a booster, a two-part system, a pocket nappy and an all-in-one!    
  • We can talk about the different fabrics nappies are made from and see which would be best for you.
  • We will look at your priorities in a nappy - do you want a quick-drying nappy or a really highly absorbent nappy, a nappy that looks really neat on a tiny baby or a birth-to-potty?!
  • Hopefully, by the end of the demonstration you will have narrowed down your choice and know which nappies you want to get for your baby.
  • There is no charge for a demonstration if you come to my house, but I hope it will inspire you buy some nappies from me!  I sell a range of nappies from UK-based manufacturers, all at less than the recommended retail price.  (See The Nappy Shop section of this website to see what I stock.)  If I come to your house to show you the nappies, I make a small charge for my travelling time and petrol.
If you still can't decide what you want, you might want to put your name down to borrow a trial kit.  Note that there is often a long waiting list for nappy trial kits
If you would like to arrange a demonstration of any type then please contact me to arrange a suitable time.
When the Covid restrictions have eased, you may like to get together a group of friends and hold a Nappuccino. I would come along to a venue of your choice, and talk nappies over a cup of coffee or two - or maybe a glass of wine in the evening.