Reusable Nappy Trial Kits Oxford

Oxfordshire Real Nappy Trial Scheme

in association with Oxfordshire County Council

 Trial kit
The Nappy Shed runs a nappy lending service so you can borrow a set of reusable nappies and see how you get on with using cloth nappies. We have six different Nappy Trial Kits that can be lent for up to 3 weeks at a time.
The trial kits contain nappies of a size to fit babies from about 9lb (4kg). Each trial kit contains about 14 different types and brands of nappies, some all-in-ones, some pockets and some two-part nappies with wraps, and bucket for storing dirty nappies. Full instructions are given before you take the trial kit away and you also receive instructions about washing and drying.  I can drop the kit off with you if you live in or near Oxford and don't drive but otherwise I would ask you to come and pick it up from my house in Marston, Oxford. It is your responsibility to get the trial bucket back to me at the end of the fortnight.  I can also loan kits through the post (but without the bucket as they're so hard to post without them getting broken) - see The Nappy Shed Shop for details.
I have a lot of demand for the trial kits, so I only loan the nappies for 3 weeks and most parents wait until their babies are a few weeks old (and they’re beginning to get the hang of looking after a baby) before they do the trial. People find the trial kits are useful to see if washable nappies are right for them and their situation, and to get some idea of what sort they like best, but 14 nappies is not really enough to do full time cloth nappying.  Parents who are already sure they want to use cloth nappies often prefer to buy nappies without doing a trial, on the basis of personal recommendations, on-line nappy reviews and which ones they like the look of.

This trial scheme was originally started in Wallingford by Sustainable Wallingford and The Nappy Shed has been running it for over 10 years throughout Oxfordshire.  Oxfordshire Waste Partnership liked the idea so much that they have sponsored further Nappy Trial Buckets, one of which is administered by The Nappy Shed in Oxford.  

I only receive financial help from the council towards the cost of the nappies in one of the trial kits, yet the nappies do need to be washed, repaired and replaced quite regularly, in all six kits, since no-one wants to try old and tatty nappies, or discontinued brands. I therefore charge a small administrative fee of £10 to borrow a trial kit.  This money will be used entirely for maintaining the trial kits so they will continue to be attractive to borrowers. 

If you are interested in booking a nappy trial, please contact me
Whilst there is absolutely no obligation to buy anything from The Nappy Shed after you've used one of our trial kits, don't forget that we do sell a range of nappies from UK-based manufacturers, all at less than the manufacturers recommended retail price.
See the The Nappy Shed Shop page for details.  And if you see the nappies you want to buy cheaper elsewhere, check with me to see if I can match the price.  Some of the special deals on offer are not for the same nappies as I have in my trial kits but are old stock that retailers want to shift.  All the nappies in the trial kits and all the nappies I sell are the latest models unless specifically stated otherwise.
To keep everyone safe from any risk of catching Covid, the nappies in the trial kits are quarantined for 72 hours after being washed at 60C, dried and packed away.  Handover takes place on the doorstep and full written instructions are incuded with the kit.